Medieval Night

Let us take you back to the medieval times with the knights of the realm on horseback, jousting for the hand of the fair maiden. During the jousting, a three course dinner and unlimited red and white wine and orange drink will be served. The night takes place in the authentic castle of San Miguel.  You will cross the drawbridge to be met by the Earl and Countess and you will then take your seats in the indoor arena.  The show begins with the medieval knights showing their prowess in contests of jousting and marksmanship.  You can cheer on your own knight as you enjoy a meal of a whole chicken, hot potatoes and other delicacies all eaten in true medieval style, with your fingers!  Plus, you can wash it all down with plenty of medieval mead.  After the competitions have ended you will then come back to the present day, moving on to the bar where there is a further show, currently Brazilian night, where you can drink and dance the night away.

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