Rock Story

Rock Story  is a Live Musical performance by 26 artists from 16 countries that pays tribute to the best composers, performers and bands in the history of Music: from Queen  to Beyoncé, from the classics to the most current pop and rock, through  Elvis, Sinatra, Ray Charles, James Brown, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Abba, Michael Jackson, Madonna, U2, Coldplay and Adele among many others. The mythic themes of Rock Story are played live by 8 singers and 7 musicians accompanied by 11 dancers and acrobats.

Rock Story is not just good music, it is also Theatre, Dance, Circus and Magic. An amazing production that takes place in the Auditorium in Los Cristianos, on a stage of more than 160 square meters with the most modern audio-visual equipment. Rock Story is the greatest musical show that Tenerife has seen!

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